Refrigerator Temperature Can Greatly Increase Your Electric Bill

Refrigerator Temperature can greatly increase your electric bill

Refrigerator Temperature can greatly increase your electric bill


Your refrigerator is one of the largest consumers of electricity (they can generate up to 20% of your electric charges). If your temperature is set too low, this can unnecessarily use up much more electricity. Your refrigerator should be set between 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food fresh and lower your electric costs. Your freezer should be set between 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If your fridge / freezer doesn’t display a temperature, you can use a thermometer in a glass of water in the middle of the fridge, and a thermometer in between packages.

Additional tips:

  • Be careful not to overfill your fridge or freezer, as this will prevent air circulation.
  • Keep liquids covered and foods wrapped so they don’t release moisture that will make the compressor work harder.
  • Keep up with maintenance of your fridge. Clean the coils in the back of the unit to remove any dust or debris. Defrost the freezer occasionally, as excess ice buildup of more than a quarter inch will decrease the efficiency. Make sure there is no air leakage by placing a dollar bill inside the door; if the bill slides out easily than air is leaking. Make sure the compressor is running smoothly.

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