Mpower Energy Now Bringing Clean & Renewable Energy to Columbus Ohio

Mpower Energy Now Bringing Clean & Renewable Energy to Columbus Ohio

Columbus, OH – Mpower Energy, answering strong demand for renewable energy services by homes and businesses, today announced plans to expand in Columbus by opening its seventh Mpower Direct office, located at 1455 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43205. The office will occupy over 5,000 square feet of green creative space and will help create hundreds of new jobs. The office is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2019.

“Our new Columbus location will now give the people of Ohio the choice to switch to renewable and clean electric” said Lavie Popack, CEO of Mpower Energy. “In addition, this new office will bring many new job opportunities to people in Columbus that would like to work with a company making waves in global environmental reform.”

In the last year, Mpower Energy has also introduced a business spotlight program that features “green businesses” that switched to 100% renewable and green energy with Mpower on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Mpower will also implement this program in Columbus, and will showcase businesses that switch to clean energy in a spotlight that will reach thousands of people on social media.

“We are excited to bring clean energy to the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio,” said Popack. “Just last year alone, we were able to make the equivalent of planting over ten and a half million trees by switching homes and businesses to renewable energy. We love hearing from our customers how happy they are for switching to clean energy and we look forward to making a much larger impact on the environment by bringing the choice to go green to Ohio.”

About Mpower Energy Company

Mpower Energy is committed to making an impact on the environment through clean and renewable electricity. Mpower Energy has been a leader in the green energy front; having switched thousands of homes and businesses to eco-friendly electricity. To find out more about switching your home or business to clean energy, please visit the Mpower Energy website at, Facebook at, Instagram at, Twitter at, and LinkedIn at

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