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We offer three distinctive savings plans on your business and commercial real estate energy spending.

Fixed Rate Plan
Choose a set rate for your monthly bill, so even if the market price rises, you continue paying the fixed rate. With this plan you can budget well in advance and never face an overwhelming bill during peak price months!
Strong Points: Full protection from spiking energy costs.
Best plan if you: Want the peace of mind to budget with real and predictable numbers.

Variable Rate Plan
With the contract-free Variable Rate Plan, you pay based on the price of energy each month.
Strong Points: Contract-free.

Index Rate Plan
Combine the security of a fixed price with the advantages of the changing market. You negotiate a low rate above the official NYISO price. In this way, you save with seasonal energy price declines while protecting yourself from any sharp increases!
Strong Points: Loads of savings when market price is low.
Best plan if you: Have the flexibility to pay based on the changing market value.

Switching Is Easy!
Grab a copy of your current utility bill, which includes your account number and enroll here.

MPower Energy DBA MPE&G is an independent retail supplier of electricity and natural gas. The company is not affiliated with the utilities, the Maryland Public Service Commission, or any other government agency.